"The Zeitgeist Movement"

        Here's a little tune / melody / video... dedicated to the philosophy and vision-of-the-future created by the The Venus Project (Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows) and articulated so brilliantly by the Zeitgeist Addendum movie (Peter Joseph).

        I wanted to write something very simple -- just four lines -- then have some fun with the harmonies, and "suggest" the need to balance the voices... everyone being heard... in order to achieve the best result.

        I did the music on my Casio keyboard, then visited some friends who could sing, had 'em sit in front of my blue-screen and do the part.  Finally, I took a few shots inside an empty recording studio, and a few of me at the console, and tried to piece it all together.


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If you're not familiar with this "movement for social change", please spend a little quality time getting acquainted.  Here are some places to start.  (links to videos on YouTube)

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The Zeitgeist Movement - Orientation Presentation

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