I've written a dozen screenplays and two novels over the past twenty years, had one of the scripts produced ("Blood Relations" - Miramax), a couple optioned (one by Bette Midler), and I produced, shot, and directed one of them myself, a DV feature entitled "Twist Of Faith" (see "Movies").

        Below, you'll find four of my scripts -- a variety of genres -- with links for more info, synopsis, pages.

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A Little Sting

          When a family loses their home and their savings to a "corporate crook", they wind up in a homeless shelter where their kid -- along with his newfound friends -- masterminds the classic payback for the fat cat.

 "Main Street" turns the tables on "Wall Street".  Timely?

Vince Dinkle, P. I.

        A down-on-his-luck P. I., Vince Dinkle, investigates a mundane case of insurance-fraud, while his literary creation, Vance Darby, simultaneously conducts a much-more glamorous investigation.

 A fun role for the actor who plays both Vince and Vance.


The Snake

         When a psychotic thief takes on the richest man in town, their battle of the egos ends in a tragic but deserving twist.

 An erotic-thriller with a dose of dark humor.



          A young woman's promising career and romance are threatened by the arrival of her ex-con mom.

 A romantic-comedy with good roles for two actresses.