"Vince Dinkle, P.I."

        Vince Dinkle left the Chicago Police Dept. after an unpleasant incident, and for the past year he's been spinning his wheels and going nowhere.

        Two things he's always wanted to do:  Work as a private investigator, and write a novel.  The script opens on the best day Vince has had in a long time.  He's just finished his first chapter, AND he's received a call which leads to his first investigation.

        Throughout the story, we go back-and-forth between his first case, and the "bad" detective novel he's writing which stars his alter-ego, Vance Darby.

        Vance Darby has got it all together.  He's James Bond and Mike Hammer rolled into one.  Suave, magnetic, irresistible, always gets the girl.

        Not so with Vince Dinkle, who's gaining weight, losing his hair, recently divorced, unemployed, and just generally stumbling at the crossroads of fate.

        Vince Dinkle investigates the death of a night watchman who got fried to a crisp in a chemical fire.  The case takes him from his dumpy apartment in Chicago, to a hick town in Oklahoma, to a Bingo Parlor on an Indian reservation, to its finale in a warehouse on the wharves of San Pedro.

        Meanwhile, Vance Darby investigates the death of a beautiful young woman who drowned in champagne, a woman who had been romantically involved with the star quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys, a mafia kingpin, and a famous actor.

        Vance's case takes him from his lavish home and office in San Francisco, to the high society polo-crowd in Texas, to the locker room of the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, to a posh Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, and finally to a Hollywood Studio and Beverly Hills mansion.

        By the end of the story, Vince Dinkle has become (at least in some small measure) a little bit like the hero he's created on paper.

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