"A Little Sting"

        It's hard enough just being a teenager, but when you have to move into a homeless-shelter because some greedy, corporate slimeball "stole" your family's life-savings ... Well, leave it to the imagination of a kid to come up with an ingenious plan for the perfect payback.

        Jamie Walker comes from a middle class, small town family who's fallen on hard times.  His father recently lost his job at the factory, and now their small nest-egg is "stolen" by a crooked CEO.

        They move to the city and, after another unfortunate turn of events, wind up living at a Shelter where Jamie falls in with a conniving old man and his "band of stingers.  Shades of Fagin and the Artful Dodger.  

         The old man has the kids running small time cons, until Jamie comes up with a plot to "scam back" a few million from the CEO.  It's "The Sting" meets "Oliver Twist".

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