Hear ye,  Hear ye!   Curious Musical Diversions!

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After years of playing in bands, writing songs,
and recording, there's a fairly wide variety
of music piling up in the vault.

Rock, Country, Soul, Bluegrass, a punk-comedy                
satire (The Crybabies), a CD of children's music
(Snoozles).  Browse around, listen to a few clips.

That's Pastor Mustard on the right, my "partner
in crime" throughout the birthing process -- the
Emasculate Conception -- of Doctor Sado
& The Crybabies









Right now I'm playing (guitar, fiddle) with "Broadband", a six-piece group in the Aspen, Colorado area.  A great "party band", specializing in weddings and events.  Visit our website for a closer look.


Dr. Sadistic & The Silverking Crybabies

There once was a "Halloween Band" that poked a dent in the Aspen armor, skewered the stereotypes, and caricatured the cliches of the punk-rock scene.  If your sense of humor leans toward the darkly absurd...


 Snoozles, The Snuggle Hound

And now for something COMPLETELY different.  When I had kids, they'd listen to "children's tapes", so I decided to make one of my own... specifically for "Bedtime"!  It's just so... peaceful... when they're sleeping.


The Aspen Flyers

In the 80's, I recorded a some albums (remember "albums"?) with a group called "The Aspen Flyers".  Here are a few of the tunes.


Solo Albums

I was writing lots of songs at the time, so I recorded a couple more albums on my own.


 "Audacity" Tutorial

Last year, I downloaded this free audio-editing software, then made a half-hour tutorial which you can see on my YouTube channel.