"Solo Albums"

I recorded a couple more albums after the "Flyers".  The first one was entitled "I Lunch With The Gods" (I wasn't ready to dine with them, but I could do lunch)



Boy wants girl.  Girl says get lost.  Girl changes her mind.  Boy says get lost.  And so it goes.

It's Over                   

There's a time for fast, hard-rockin' music, and a time to catch your breath, slow it down a little.

A Slow Groove        


In the tried-and-true lyrical metaphor of "life is a dance"...

Swing Your Partner

A light-hearted diversion, an ode to a bubble bath... Is Mr. Bubble still around?

Mr. Bubble                   


"Love and Torture" was next (hey, it's a fine line sometimes)

Songs Of Love               

Singin' A Song              




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