Zeitgeist Lullaby


...and the Zeitgeist Lullaby

        Ten years ago, I wrote some children's bedtime stories and songs (with some help from my kids), performed by our canine character named "Snoozles".

        I didn't have much luck selling them -- I'm not that good at the marketing biz -- and I pretty much forgot them until recently.

       The last song, "A Dream Come True" (bottom of page), seemed so perfect for the Zeitgeist Movement, and I want to share it with anybody who's interested... especially if you have young kids who listen to lullabies).

       Here are some excerpts, and I'll be uploading the entire half-hour to this page in a week or two.  Check back and listen... or download it all.  No pricetag.  Feels better to share it!



        Who's Snoozles?  He's an English Bloodhound (from a Royal Family) who speaks in a soft, gentle, high-pitched, English accent, and tells bedtime stories... and sings songs... for a half-hour.  

        If you have kids, ages two to six, then you NEED a CD... for your own mental health.  Guaranteed for a thousand zzzzz'z.  Listen to the first three minutes.

Intro & Snoozles' Song  


A story about Grandma leads into the next song.  Here's one of the four verses.

Grandma's House               

Snoozles jumps aboard a railroad car for an adventure, then gets sleepy.

A Yawn Comin' On              

*  *  *  

Zeitgeist Lullaby

        Snoozles hops into a laundry basket... with helium balloons tied to it... and takes a ride through the clouds, over mountains and rivers.  This adventure will definitely deliver your kid to Dream Land.  And if you, too, are not completely relaxed and in a state of utter contentment by this point, you may need some "outside help".

        If you're still semi-conscious, listen to the last song. My favorite.  Works for little kids, and big ones, too.

A Dream Come True    

We all have dreams like no one else... Yes, you are one of a kind
Follow your heart, take that first step, or you'll never know what you'll find
People build airplanes and ride a balloon
Jump off a mountain and land on the moon
They had a dream like the world has never seen
And then they had a dream come true.

This world is full of wondrous things, zebras and dolphins and birds
Stories and songs, movies and books, there's so many things you could learn
Put them together in your own special way
Never give up, you could do something great
You'll have a dream like the world has never seen
And then you just might have a dream come true

I know a place where nobody hates, where no hungry babies will cry
Somehow we've learned to live in peace, maybe it's all in my mind
The sky is so blue there, the water so clean
There's still a great forest for our children to see
Mine is a dream like the world has never seen
And yes, I want to have a dream come true


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