"The Aspen Flyers"


I played guitar and fiddle with the "Flyers" in the 80's.  We recorded this first album in an "antique" 4-track studio, so the quality is lacking.  But some of the tunes aren't bad.

Kenny Thomas and Mark Ross played guitar and bass, with Danny Taylor on drums.  There was country and rock, and a couple ballads with nice vocal harmonies.



For the album cover, we stood beside the wings of an old bi-plane.  Then, on the back, a Rolls Royce (not ours, unfortunately).

Belles On The Bayou      

One of my fiddle tunes, sort of a "California Girls" from a Southern point of view.  "... I'm gonna ring me one or two, of those belles on the bayou".


The two ballads with the harmonies.  Ken Thomas wrote the first one,  Mark Ross, the second.

Island Girl                        

Dreams Like These         


Here's a couple of my songs from the second album.  The production improved on the second album (along with the studio)

Dangerous Curves            

You've seen the warning signs on the highway.   I'm sure they've sparked the imagination of more than a few songwriters.  "...those dangerous curves... and soft shoulders... surely make a wreck out of me".  




It's something people have worshipped throughout the centuries, and it still works.  "See the castles in the distance, as we walk along the sand, you've come home now, lay your weary body down, and surrender to the sun".

Surrender To The Sun     


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