"Twist Of Faith"

        After writing several screenplays, and having one produced ("Blood Relations"), the goal was to direct one of them myself.  And digital-video provided the opportunity.

        Writing and directing the movie would be half the battle.  But if I also meant to do the shooting and editing, I'd have to learn the technical aspects of the medium.  And that eventually led to the Digital Video Tutorials on this site.

        And finally, here in 2009, after a few years of experimenting, tweaking, and fine-tuning every scene in the movie, I actually have a Final-Cut!  Take a look around.

* * * *

        Goin' back home ain't easy... especially when your dad's in a coma, and your stepmother -- a small-town cable-access-queen -- plans to use her TV show to get the whole town praying for a miracle.

        Complicating matters is an old boyfriend, a kid-sister with an attitude, and a sweet-talkin' worm-farmer who's digging up a skeleton in your closet.



Filmed on location in Aspen, Colorado

Title: "Twist of Faith"

Running Time: 1 hour, 42 minutes

Genre: Drama

Format: Digital Video

Cast:  Beth Malone, Meredith Nelson-Daniel, Tom Erickson, Kristin Walla

Producer/Director/Cameraman/Editor:  Steve Saylor

Written by:  Steve Saylor and Richard Hathaway

Composer:  Larry Good

Titles and Artwork:  Jackie Chenoweth

Production Company:  1-Man Studio Prods.

Contact:  Steve Saylor:  (970) 963-1846


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Part 1 - "Pre-Production"

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