"Blood Relations "

          I'd been writing for a couple years, and having no luck selling my first three screenplays.  So I decided to pack this one with all the exploitation elements:  Lust, greed, murder, whatever.  But it did have some interesting plot twists that kept you guessing, and a dose of campy, dark humor that kept tongue in cheek.

          A Canadian production company, "S.C. Entertainment", put it together on a low budget -- $1 million -- and shot the movie in Toronto.  

          A writer will often have a few issues with the script-to-screen process.  I felt they didn't hit the right tone with the humor, and a couple scenes and some dialogue were cut, which rendered the plot a little fuzzy.

          But it turned out okay.  I shouldn't complain.  I had a small part in the movie (10 minutes screen-time), and one of my screenplays actually got made!











Here are some blurbs, synopses, reviews... copied from the online movie-websites.

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       An exotic beauty is in a hurry to wed a rich stranger until she meets his family--the lecherous grandpa, the mom who's her exact double, demented brain surgeon Dad--and they try to change her mind.

*  *

       The members of a severely dysfunctional family get together at a snow-covered, isolated mansion in the winter. There, the family members - including the father, an arrogant surgeon who may have murdered his wealthy wife - expose each others' secrets... with surprising results.

*  *

        Marie (winningly played by ravishing redhead stunner Lydie Denier) and her troubled fiancé Thomas (likable Kevin Hicks) go to Thomas' massive family estate to see his stern brain surgeon father Dr. Andreas Wells (the excellent Jan Rubes) and his ailing wealthy grandfather Charles MacLeod (a fine turn by the great Ray Walston). Marie soon discovers that there's something very sinister going on inside the swanky abode.

        Director Graeme Campbell, working from a wickedly clever and warped script by Stephen Saylor (who also acts in the movie as smug, cocky lawyer Jack), relates the absorbing story at a stately, yet steady pace and does an adept job of creating a creepy gloom-doom atmosphere.

        Rhett Morita's crisp, glossy cinematography gives the film an attractive slick look. Mychael Danna's classy, moody score further adds to the uneasy tone. The occasional dollops of ghastly gore really hit the grisly spot. The marvelously gruesome and over-the-top surprise twist ending is a total corker.

        Nifty supporting performances by Lynne Adams as Andreas' sultry mistress Sharon and Sam Malkin as folksy grounds keeper Yuri. As an added bonus, the luscious Lydie removes her clothes and displays her delicious body several times (she even goes full frontal for the lecherous elderly Walston!). A cool little flick.

*  *  *  *  *


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