Digital Video Production - Sample Clips

          These sample clips are in Windows Media Player format.  They've been reduced in size and quality for the internet.  But rest assured that the DVD's are full-screen and high-quality.

          For slower connections, you may want to first "Save" them to your computer.  Right-click on the link, go to "Save Target As", give it a name, then click "Save".  Once they've downloaded, open with Windows Media Player&.


Project One

          Five minutes of excerpts from the first project.  I introduce the basics as we put together a short montage from my movie, "Twist Of Faith".

Project One - 5 MB
       Project One - 10 MB

*   *   *   *

Project Two

           This clip runs 4 minutes.  We create a 15-second intro for a seminar, using some of the intermediate features in Premiere Pro: working with Stills, Motion, and Titles.

Project Two - 4 MB        Project Two - 8 MB

*   *   *   *

Superimpose & Transparency

          Two-and-a-half minutes from the "Blue Screen" segment.  We use the Chroma-Key tool to add a background to our shot.

Chroma Key - 5 MB

*   *   *   *

Title Designer & Composite

          Here's where we make Titles and create Graphics.  The Title-Designer is also used to make Mattes for compositing, which you'll see in some quick examples at the end of this 3-minute clip.

Titles - 6 MB

*   *   *   *

DV Camcorders

          Here are some excerpts from the "Manual Settings" with the Mini-DV Camcorders:  White Balance, Exposure, and Shutter Speed.

Camera - 5 MB