Customer  Comments

          Just finished watching your tutorials, wanted to thank you for creating them.  Very well done, just what I needed.  By focusing on your project and providing examples in the first half-hour, I always knew where we were headed.  It was easy to see how the various elements of the movie come together as you brought more and more of the editing tools into the mix.

          I was looking for a primer on how to get the hardware and software working together as an editing suite, but I feel that I got so much more from your lessons.  Your practical instructions on lighting, depth, camera control and timeline-editing were right on target.

          Since I have no formal training, I wasn't aware of many of the tools and techniques included in the software.  By seeing your examples first, I now have a much better sense of direction for the capabilities of home-video-editing and production.  

John Reardon
Chicago, Illinois

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          One of the biggest problems in learning from manuals is the dry and technical way in which they're written.  For those of us who learn better and faster by SEEING, these DVD's are more than worth their cost!  Steve CLEARLY (I can't stress that enough!!!) shows and guides you through it, where most manuals leave you frustrated.

          If you're planning on buying a camera, his sections on their components and features will unscramble all the "foreign terminology" that comes along with these Mini-DV camcorders.  He includes lots of examples -- so you can see right there on the screen what all these settings and effects look like.

George Perez
West N.Y., NJ

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          Gidday Steve,  I received your DVD's and thought I'd send this e-mail to say "thank you".  What do I think of them?  "Absolutely bloody brilliant"!  You stated in the intro that one of reasons for the tutorials was "to save time and headaches" for those who are new to video-editing.  Well, Steve, you've achieved your goal.  It's a very well-thought-out and down-to-earth set of tutorials that you can actually understand.

          To use an Australian colloquial phrase:  "Ya blood is worth bottling, mate".

Steve Berry

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          Absolutely great!  Much better than I expected.  Thanks!  I bought your DVD's for my daughter to learn Premiere for her high school video production class.  She is definitely not a computer geek, so I thought this tutorial would be perfect for her.  I was right!

          I am an electrical engineer, so I thought I would need something more sophisticated to satisfy "superior intellect".  I was wrong!My daughter is now editing her own interviews, and I'm making short videos to train our technicians on how to test printed circuit boards.  Good job, and thanks again.

Mike Jones
Palm Harbor, Florida

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          I just bought your "How-To" and it is terrific!  I've learned more in four hours than the days and days I've been on the web researching this stuff.  You also have an easy manner of delivery and a simple way of explaining complex tasks that puts your viewer at ease.

Joseph Martinez
Professor, Washington & Lee University

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          I'm really glad I found your website, and I appreciate your willingness to answer some questions when I first purchased the tutorials.  They're very thorough, and you really put something of yourself into it.

          I didn't get the feeling that I was watching a video made by someone who found a neat way to make a buck, but by someone who was really motivated by the desire to help others.  In a day when everyone is so competitive with each other, it was really powerful to see that.

I. M.
Brooklyn, N.Y.

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          Nothing but "Praises!" for your "How-To".   Any aspiring filmmaker should definitely get this package!  What I loved most were the actual movie clips used in the examples.  After reading your four-part series on Cyber Film School, I knew these tapes would be great!

Rod Fogle
Daleville, Indiana

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          I truly believe you have produced the best tutorials I have ever seen!  Your style, knowledge of subject matter and pacing are fantastic.  I'm very grateful for all the efforts you've put into this project.  With your tutorial help, I just might get through my seventeen hours of travel video yet.

Paul Cuppy
Honolulu, Hawaii

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          WONDERFUL!!!  Very informative, loved the production.  Fun to see all these fancy effects in action.  I can't wait to get started!

Richard Bedsole
Atlanta, Georgia

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          Just finished watching 'Beginners Guide To DV', and it is, in fact, a very informative piece.  Well worth the money spent.  I'll be looking for the sequel.  There's so much information out there on video camcorders, production, editing, etc... It's nice to be able to cut away all that fat, and take a good look before leaping.

JGF - San Rafael, California

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