Dr. Sadistic & The Silverking Crybabies!

Who are these guys?

Why are they making us listen to these songs?!

          Hit reverse, back up a few decades.  T'was the night before the eighties, and all through the nightclubs, disco was king.  We all agreed the king sucked.  The antidote for the revolt was Punk Music! ... which was often revolting in itself.

          We had a bar band, but were growing weary of the bars.  We needed escape, a disappearing act.  We were ready and willing to submit to alter-egos and evil twins.

          Halloween approached.  My roommate, Dan Sadowsky, became Doctor Sadistic.  Our band became the Silverking Crybabies (the "Silverking condos" being the employee-housing-units in the luxury resort, a habitat for inhumanity, dinky dwellings in the shadow of the humongous homes lavishly hung on the hillside).

          We could be either Trick or Treat, depending on your chemical makeup.  But we were definitely... Different!  With songs like Condo Bondage, Dead Weight In The Hot Tub, Let’s Eat The Cat, and Gucci Pucci Asshole, you weren’t about to hear anybody remark, “Yeah, I’ve heard that shit before”.


          The repertoire expanded into operetta territory, well worthy -- we told ourselves -- of cinematic treatment.  I mean, we had a "backstory" and everything! -- a semi-sympathetic main character, born with an extra chromosome, who underwent a botched circumcision (Dr. Sado was on call), and who opened the show with "Prepube Punk", featuring that catchy refrain, “Daddy, where are my balls?”

          Intrigued?   insulted?  Either way works.  You can turn back now, or proceed with routine anxiety.  The story begins with Pyramid Punk and ends with Maroon Balls.