Dan Sadowsky

(a.k.a. Dr. Sadistic, a.k.a. Pastor Mustard)

        Besides being a multi-talented guitar-picker and performer, this mild mannered, warmly maniacal, back-door Renaissance Man has worked extensively as a "monkey-whisperer", designed protective underwear (endorsed by both the NFL and AARP), and can simultaneously "channel" complex geometrical algorithms and drop a transmission.  He can also play the banjo while River Dancing... which is mildly disturbing.  I've seen it.


          If you've made the pilgrimage to the "Telluride Bluegrass Festival" in the past two or three decades, then you'll know him as the unconventional, highly original, often irreverent -- but never irrelevant!-- Master of Ceremonies, "Pastor Mustard".



        And, folks, listen... if you've ever attempted to Master a Ceremony yourself, you'll know it's treacherous terrain, fraught with peril.  In addition to introducing the performers, there are endless important, semi-important, and simply mundane announcements which you must coherently convey to the congregation.

        Add to that, many minutes of "dead air" time (those pesky technical delays) which need to be filled with spontaneous banter, preferably of the witty and whimsical, wild and wacky, thought-provoking variety.

        And nobody -- and I mean NOBODY! -- does it better than Dan.

        If anyone out there may be harboring doubts -- ye of little faith in the hypnotic twang of eccletic ecclesiastics -- then I invite you to "pull up a pew in the Church of the Nifty Blue Chrysler", and expose yourself to "Bluegrass With Mustard".

        It's the "alternative bluegrass radio show" which he currently -- yes, right now!... at this very moment! -- hosts on Aspen Public Radio.

Go ahead, take a bite.  But beware...

"This ain't your daddy's bluegrass".

The Pastor Mustard Bluegrass Hour