Dr. Sadistic & The Silverking Crybabies!

"Pssst... hey... you wanna score a copy of the Crybabies?... Live at the Pogo-a-Gogo?  I know a guy who can get it for ya... but be cool, keep it quiet."

We took both of these albums, lit 'em up... and burned 'em!



Burned 'em right onto this CD.  And it worked!


You can hear everything!

Not sure if that's a good thing.   It was recorded almost thirty years ago... live... underground... on Halloween... in the subteranean chamber of the "Rockin' Horse" nightclub (renamed "The Pogo-a-Gogo" during the pagan holiday)

But it's all there... if you want a little slice of Aspen-alternative-history...
The disclaimers have been clearly posted:

"Warning:  Repeated Listening can cause
vomiting, paranoia, and unsightly rash"

"Not For The Easily Nauseated"
"Contains No Redeeming Social Value"
"Not For Everyday Use"

I have just a few CD's at this time.  If you'd like a copy...

"The Crybabies" - $12 plus $3 shipping

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Mailing address:  Steve Saylor, 409 Caballo, Carbondale CO, 81623
$64.00  (includes shipping)
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