Beginners Guide To DV Production


Disc Two

Part One

1.  Transitions   (16 min.)   There are lots of 'em, not just a dissolve.  We'll play with a few, and see how to adjust the setttings for duration, borders, fill-color, etc.

2.  Motion   (15 min.)   Make text or images spin around in circles, do somersaults, or glide across the screen with the greatest of ease.  Any direction.  Any shape or color.

3.  Opacity   (5 min.)  Your clips can be made transparent, so we can "see through them" to other layers on the video tracks below.


Part Two

1.  Title Designer  (16 min.)  You can make titles, graphics, rolling credits.  This is a sophisticated and elaborate tool in Premiere Pro that comes with a wide range of templates to help you create professional layouts and designs.


2.  Project Settings, Device Control  (7 min.)   Some more of the technical stuff.  Don't really want to learn about it.  Have to.

3.  Capture Window   (8 min.)    Transferring your footage from camera to computer used to be a monumental task.  Premiere's capture window makes it easy to manually record clips to your hard drive (although there are several "automated methods" you can also use).

4.  Project Two  (14 min.)    We'll put together a 15 second opening for a lecture/seminar, using motion, video effects, transitions, and titles. This is the fun part.  This is why we're here.

Watch a Sample Clip from this project

Part Three

1.  Sequences   (3 min.)   In earlier versions of Premiere, we were limited to one Timeline per project.  Now we can have multiple Timelines, or Sequences, in any project -- which makes it much easier to manage the long ones.  Then bring them all together when you're ready to play the finished scene.

2.  Add Tracks, Slow Motion, Markers  (10 min.)   There's no shortage of video or audio tracks.  Although you won't need more than five or ten in most cases, there are a hundred of them at your disposal.  Also, we check out slow-motion capabilities, and Markers.

3.   Record Audio  (10 min.)   How can you record music or sound effects from a CD into Premiere?  Well, first you have to convert it to another format.  Here's a few ways to do it.

4.  Project Three  (25 min.)   This one goes on for awhile, over an hour (it's continued on the next disc).

(Editing with Premiere Pro continues on Disc 3)

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