Beginners Guide To DV Production


Disc Three

Part One

1.  Project Three  (Cont.)  (45 min.)   This is the opening two minutes of my movie.  The girl gets a phone call, she has to come home.  Phone conversations can be tricky.  This takes up a good portion of the project, then we have a travel sequence, and spend some time on the soundtrack.

2.  Export To Video  (7 Min.)   You'll want to play your finished scenes out to your camera, where you can store them on the Mini-DV tapes for "back-ups".

3.  Export to Web & DVD  (3 min.)   You can also convert your scenes to web-based formats, and MPEG-2 for DVD's.

*  *  * *

Part Two

1.  Transparency & Compositing   (17 min.)   Blue Screen?  Track Mattes?  You can do all that and more with Premiere.  


Watch a Sample Clip from this project

2.  Picture in Picture  (7 min.)    Take some footage of a blank TV, then composite another clip "inside the screen".  This is the example I use, but there are many instances where you might want to employ this technique.

3.  Scopes & Graphs  (3 min.)   Image adjustment and color-correction filters and tools.  

4.  Audio Mixer  (13 min.)    Real professional-audio-editing capabilities with this feature.  The surround-sound "5.1 format" is also an option.

*  *  * *

Part Three

1.  DVDiT   (6 min.)   A quick look at a DVD authoring program.

2.  Premiere Pro 2  (4 min.)    We'll start a project in "Pro 2", and see all the new formats (in response to the new DV Camcorders) that Premiere supports:  HD, HDV, SD, DV-24 fps.  Also, the windows can be "tied together" now.  When you resize one, the window next to it moves, too.  No wasted space.

3.  Multicam Editing  (8 min.)    The footage from four camcorders! can play in the Multicam Monitor at the same time, and you can edit "on-the-fly".

4.  "Export" review  (9 min.)   Before you Export your Sequence to DVD (or any format), here's a review of "what to do".

5.  Create a DVD  (11 min.)   "Premiere Pro 2" comes with a DVD Authoring Program... with menus you can customize.


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