Beginners Guide To Digital Video Production

Instructional Videos (DVD's) for Digital Video Editing
and Mini-DV Camcorders.  Featuring Adobe's
"Premiere Pro" Editing Software.

Applicable to all versions: 1, 2, CS3, 4 & 5

Want to produce and direct your own movies?

Start your own Video Production Company?

Make music videos? Commercials? Documentaries?

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       "Beginners Guide To DV Production" is a 6-hour, 20-minute tutorial package on 3 DVD's.  It features Adobe's "Premiere Pro" editing-software (5 hours), along with segments on Digital Camcorders, Lighting, Directing and more (1 hour, 20 min.)

      The latest technology in digital-video editing has made it possible for anyone (blessing or curse?) to be a filmmaker or multi-media producer.

      Not long ago, you would've spent over $100,000 for the cameras and computers.  Now you can have your own "movie studio" for under $3,000 (digital camcorder, computer, and software).

      I spent three years learning all about it as I produced, directed, shot, and edited a full-length "no budget" feature (check it out in Movies).
 I had to learn most of it the hard way.  You won't have to do that. I'll guide you through the entire process, and explain it all in a language that even the "digitally challenged" can understand.

* * * *

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Article from Cyber Film School, "Making My DV Movie"

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